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Hey guys!

Since I rarely update my deviantart blog (let alone my deviantart account), feel free to check out my blog: betty felon @ blogspot

I will be posting more of my cosplay, convention stuff, and creations over there (along with the standard slice-of-life stuff), so check it out ☆
My Snorlax dress is in the running for the ModCloth Masquerade Photo Contest! Feel free to vote for me [but only if you feel so inclined n_n;].
Thanks in advance ♥

In slightly unrelated news, I am so stoked for New York Comic Con next week! I will be live-blogging the convention on Twitter and on Tumblr [follow away~].
And be sure to let me know if any of you guys going! :D

xo Betty Felon
In which, you can now keep tabs on me via Facebook, if you fancy that!
Betty Felon [now available in Facebook-flavor!]
For those of you who have been wondering which conventions and events I will be attending and participating in this year, head over to my CONVENTION SCHEDULE!

Be sure to let me know which ones you plan on attending - I'd love to see some of you guys there :D
Gosh, I haven't updated my devArt in a while u_u; ;
I'll post some new cosplay photos over the next few days, but until then, feel free to check out my Tumblr accounts! :D

Fashion Tips From Comic Strips [comics and fashion galore!]
Betty Felon [my personal tumblr]

Until next time - same bat-time, same bat-channel,
Betty Felon
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At some point, I'll get around to posting a proper SDCC 2010 recap...
But for now, here's a link to a bunch of photos that I took at SDCC [and some ones that I found floating around the internet]:

I'll eventually update that with photos of all of the pretty new things that I acquired over the weekend, but for now, enjoy ♥

What I will briefly say is that I had an amazing time in San Diego! Everyone that I met up with was absolutely stellar and I thank all of you for making my weekend awesome. I already can't wait for next year :D
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With the huge increase views/comments [mostly due to Kotaku], I've finally decided to update my DeviantArt with more of my work and a proper introduction :)

As you've probably deduced, my name is Bethany, but I'm also known as Betty Felon [my moniker of Les Villainettes and on Etsy]. When I'm not working at my inconspicuous day job, I'm usually off on secret missions, most of which usually have to do with art/craft projects. While I've taken about 10 years of studio art classes, my primary creative realm is fashion and costume design. I've been sewing for about 7 years now, and every fashion creation and costume posted here is mostly handmade by me, unless otherwise noted. Likewise, all of AK47's costumes are stylized, modified, and/or created by me as well [oh, the benefits of being my partner-in-crime].

My biggest source of inspiration for costumes and fashion alike comes from comic books. I've been reading comics since I was little, and they've played a major role in my life, especially as a creative outlet. I run a comics fashion blog, She Looks Like The Wednesday Comics, where I present the latest fashion tips from comic strips, and I try to document my daily outfits via Wardrobe Remix and Lookbook, most of which end up being inspired by my favorite heroes/villains or from a new release of that week [and sometimes I pull from other aspects of pop culture... like idk pocket monsters or something].

I enjoy going to conventions as often as I can, with Boston Comic Con and Anime Boston being the most frequently attended. This year, AK47 and I will be making our trek across the nation to San Diego Comic Con - we're both really psyched, as this will be our first trip to Nerd Mecca. Likewise, I will also be attending New York Comic Con this October, which I'm also excited for since I've never been able to make it to NYCC over the past few years. With that said, I have a ton of costumes that I need to work on for both conventions [and along with other smaller events along the way]. Yayyy, conventions!

With that said, feel free to check out my gallery and introduce yourselves :D

~Betty Felon

P.S. Feel free to follow me on twitter :D
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